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The CAI Program


Our program facilitates International companies to hire interns from the top Universities of Chile and Mexico. The recipient companies obtain an outward view about their business and more importantly, an on-site local associate that can provide key expertise and facilitation on how to access and work with the Latin-America market.

The participating students belong to a variety of degrees, covering different business and technical expertise. These include: 

  • Business, finance, marketing & administration

  • Service management

  • Engineering: Industrial, Civil works, Environmental, Electrical, Mining, Biological, Computer science, Mechanical, among others.

  • Law

  • Communications & media

  • Graphic Design

​All interns are required to pass English tests and personal interviews to demonstrate that are eligible to participate.

Companies from Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines and Chile have seek for new business opportunities at low cost-low risk by participating in the CAI Program. 


How to participate


Company Registration

Fill the online application form with your company information and we will get in contact with you for the internship details.

Reception of Applicants

Your company will receive the matching candidates CVs and summaries.  Companies may request additional information and /or a virtual interview with potential interns.  

Intern Selection

Finally the company decides which candidate(s) is/are selected for the internship. CAIP staff will assist the company and interns in the process and internship planning.  



  1. How do we register online?
    For the online registration process, the online form can be found by clicking here

  2. Besides the intern’s monthly salary, is there any other costs for the host companies? Does the CAI Program charge any fee for intern selection?
    There is no other extra cost or fees for the recipient companies. The CAIP does not charge any fee to the companies for receiving interns.

  3. How long are the internship periods? When do they start?
    The Remote CAI Program internships considers periods from 1 to 6 months, depending on the company´s need. Positions could be offer all year round. The high season for recruiting can be July, October and November.

  4. Can the company offer a future contract to the intern?
    A company can offer a future contract to the intern to work with them after he/she finishes their internship period. As such, companies may not place future conditions to the interns before or during their internship period.

  5. What are the main obligations of the host companies with the interns?​​

    • Instruct the intern with regard to his/her field of study within the potential of the organization and to provide the necessary experience and professional knowledge;

    • Designate an English speaking supervisor;

    • Compensate the intern with the agreed monthly salary, minimum of USD 200 for full-time remote or an accommodation cost equivalent stipend if the intern travels. All other costs are covered by the intern, including flight, insurance and visa.;

    • Provide an evaluation/letter of reference for the intern after completion of the internship period. This must include information on the duration of the activity, an exact description of the activities, as well as information on the performance and behaviour of the intern.